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Services Alatex Construction LLC provides

Land Clearing
alatex construction clearing land

We can clear a small area for a home site of large sites such as a commercial building site or a storage lot. We can take care of everything to get your project started and finished.

We will not only get your property cleared and graded, but also draining properly to help eliminate holding water. If your project requires a detention or retention pond, we can manage that as well.

From start to finish, we will get your project completed and usable so you can get the use out of the property you need.

If your property needs ingress or egress, we can take care of that as well. If you have any questions or need a quote, click the hire us button below and we will contact you to discuss your project.

Driveway Upgrades
new driveway construction alatex construction

We do a lot of driveways. We can cut you a new driveway or refinish your current driveway.

Making sure your driveway is level and crowned will ensure a long lasting surface. We understand that the driveway is the first impression of your property. We work hard to ensure that you are impressed when you drive up to your own drive.

We work with all surfaces from crushed concrete, crushed asphalt, and concrete. If you are thinking about upgrading your current driveway or need a whole road, we want to hear from you. Click the Hire Us button below to get a free quote.

Home Demolition
home demolition alatexconstuction llc

We do demolition work of all types. If you need a structure taken down we can do the work. From small buildings to large homes or out buildings we have you covered.

We will perform the work and haul off all the debris and leave you with a empty spot for  new project.

We will be happy to provide you with a free quote on all your demolition needs. Simply click the button below.

Pond Work
detention pond alatex construction llc

If you need a detention pond for your new site we have you covered. We have been able to use our creative site layout skills to save you time and money.

We can do any type of pond from detention to irrigation or if you just want a fishing pond we are experts in the pond business. We will help your property drain and remove the unwanted water at a metered rate to meet any county or city code.

If you would like more information or need some help getting your pond designed we are just a phone call or click away.

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