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About Us

We here at ALATEX Construction, LLC have a process to ensure your experience meets your expectations. From the first time you contact us at 936-681-8447 to get your free estimate you are in good hands. From Site prep, land clearing to drainage repair. We make it easy to do business with ALATEX.

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Getting Started.


Please contact us by phone at 936-681-8447 or email at  We will learn a few facts about your needs and arrange a time to meet with you about the scope of your project.

Once we have a mutual understanding of the project and your specific needs, we will then create a plan. You will receive a free written estimate to get your dirt work project  quoted and started.

We will also give our best opinion on land clearing, residential demolition, commercial demolition, Site prep  or any of the other services we offer. Some times the our experience can save you thousands of dollars in unexpected problems such as drainage or detention ponds or permits.

We understand that customers often times work with a deadline in mind and in most cases we can work with that. Being in Liberty County Texas we have seasons of rain and this creates delays some times. It is always a good idea to plan ahead and get on our schedule as soon as possible to avoid any scheduling conflicts during your project.

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Along the way to completion.


Once the project is under way, and depending on the size and scope of the work, we will keep you up to date on your progress. Whether it is a small job like refinishing a driveway with crushed concrete or a large project like a pad site for a large building, you will have the communication you need to keep the project moving forward.

If the project is large and we are working on weekly draws, you will receive a detailed summary of the work completed to date.

Once the work is completed and you have inspected the job to insure that it has met your expectations you will receive your final invoice with a full detail of materials and labor for the entire project.

If you need any kind of support along the way Alatex Construction LLC has you covered. there are times if when you are doing a driveway repair or fixing a drainage ditch that the customer needs to add a project such as clearing some land or building a pond. When we can do more than one project at a time at the same address it can save you money.

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