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Bulkhead and retaining wall construction in Southeast Texas presents unique challenges due to the region's climate and soil conditions. The area's high humidity and frequent rainfall require materials that can withstand constant exposure to moisture. Treated lumber, and vinyl bulkhead material are commonly used in construction to ensure durability and longevity. Additionally, the design must account for the potential for flooding and soil erosion, which are prevalent in this part of Texas.

Proper site preparation is critical before beginning construction. This involves assessing the soil type, drainage patterns, and the specific requirements of the location. In Southeast Texas, soils can vary from sandy loam to clay, each with its own stability characteristics. Ensuring a solid foundation is crucial, and often this involves driving pilings deep into the ground to support the bulkhead or retaining wall structure.

Drainage management is another essential aspect of constructing bulkheads and retaining walls in this region. Effective drainage systems prevent water from accumulating behind the structures, which can lead to hydro-static pressure and eventual failure.

Given the coastal proximity of many Southeast Texas sites, protection against saltwater corrosion is a significant consideration. Materials used in construction must be resistant to saltwater to prevent premature degradation.

Local regulations and permitting processes also play a critical role in construction projects. Compliance with city and county ordinances ensures that the structures meet safety standards and environmental guidelines. In some cases, permits may require environmental impact assessments, especially for projects near wetlands or protected areas, to mitigate any adverse effects on local ecosystems.


structure demolition alatex construction

Our excavation contractors offer structure demolition services for both residential and commercial buildings. We specialize in house demolition and haul off, commercial building demolition, and fence demolition. We guarantee that all debris and waste is taken care of and hauled off, leaving no mess behind.

During the home demolition process you will want to make sure the power and gas is disconnected before you begin the process. There may also be some permitting needed depending on your location.

If you need commercial demolition Alatex Construction is your one stop shop. We know that you need your commercial building torn down as quickly as possible so you can get your land cleared and ready to move forward.

When you are searching for a demolition company here are some things to consider. Does the company provide free estimates? Some demolition contractors charge for an estimate, always ask first. Will my project require a permit? By calling the local county or city permit office you can quickly find this information. Will the debris be hauled off and does the estimate include the dumpster rental? Always ask for a complete turn key estimate. 

Once your demolition project is complete you may need our services to help build a new pad site. That is a service that we can help you with, When we visit your site we will discuss how your project will end up and offer the best possible solution to get your project completed and ready to build.

At Alatex Construction LLC we we want to insure that you are completely satisfied with the demolition work we perform for you, We will not leave the site until you are happy.

land clearing alatex construction

At our excavation company, we offer land clearing services for any size space. From small tracts to large acreage, we can get your land cleared and cleaned up. Our experienced team can take down large and small trees, structures, and even concrete. We strive to provide superior service at competitive rates.

Many times if you are clearing some land you may be building a new home of commercial building once the land has been cleared.

Alatex Construction LLC and save you money by combining jobs together as a bundle. This saves time and fuel while we are doing the doing land clearing we can complete the site prep and dirt work at the same time.

We prefer to use land clearing methods that do not involve mulching machines. We find this a better option for a clean finished product. There will be no roots to contend with and your project will be ready to build a house pad or commercial building pad. The site work you will need once the land is cleared will be easier without mulching.

What do we mean buy bundling services? There are many times that a customer may be clearing land for another purpose such as building a new home. That would require some site prep work. Or you may need to clear some land to dig a pond. Sometimes we clear land for agriculture needs such as expanding a farming operation of adding acreage to plant crops. If we can help you save time and money by bundling services we don't have to add the cost of moving equipment and time lost it makes since to have one contractor that is experienced in many land clearing operations. 

When you are clearing land in our area many times you can save money by burning the lumber that has been cleared. Sometimes there are options to sell the timber and sometimes it will need to be loaded in a dumpster and hauled off.

Areas We Work

Alatex Construction is your hometown construction company. We work in Liberty County, Chambers County, Harris County. Dayton Texas, Liberty Texas, Crosby Texas, Channelview Texas, Baytown Texas, Mont Belvieu Texas 

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